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What is IECEx CoPC?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What is IECEx CoPC?

IECEx CoPC is an international certification system provided to those who work with explosion equipment, in industries such as oil and gas, chemical factory, mines - where the environment is prone to explosions caused by the elements, such as gas, vapour, dust. When working in these areas, workers are required to meet special requirements regarding of safety and ensure that no sources of ignition are created. IECEx CoPC is a certification with international standards to certifies workers who are physically and technically skilled to work safely in special areas.

IECEx Certificate Program:

IECEx = International Certification system related to Explosion Protection.

IECEx is an international certification system related to explosion protection. The certification system belongs to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Includes 4 schemes:

1. IECEx Equipment Scheme (Certification of Ex Equipment + System): Certificate to ensure electrical safety for equipment and systems. This is a certificate certifying that a device/system is manufactured and manufactured according to IEC International standards.

2. IECEx Comformity Mark: Permission to use the IECEx logo. Usually related to the manufacturing plant or equipment that is electrically safe.

3. IECEx Services Scheme: An international certificate of explosion protection for service establishments and organizations working in explosion prevention equipment, installation, repair and testing of explosion prevention equipment, and working on hazardous zoning. dangerous.

4. IECEx Certified Persons Scheme - CoPC (Certificate of Personnel Competency): This is IECEx's certification system for people to prove their ability and experience to work with Ex explosion protection equipment that meets international standards .

IECEx CoPC includes of 10 units:

Ex 001: Basic principles of explosion protection

Ex 002: Hazardous Area Classification

Ex 003: Installation

Ex 004: Maintenance

Ex 005: Inspection and repair

Ex 006: Checking electrical installation

Ex 007: Intuitive and rigorous inspection

Ex 008: Check details

Ex 009: Electrical installation design

Ex 010: Audit check

(*) You can choose any Ex unit to study and take the exam, it's no need to take in the order from Ex 001 to Ex 010. However, there is a special requirement, you must get the certification of Ex 001 before obtaining any higher Ex certificate (except Ex 002 and Ex 005).

The IECEx CoPC certification is valid for 5 years. After this time, you must retake the exam to maintain or renew the certification.

To take the test and receive this certification, you must contact one of the ExCP organizations, which are IECEx-licensed organizations that offer exams and award IECEx CoPC certification. Currently, only 15 organizations throughout the globe are permitted to conduct tests and award CoPC certificates. Curently, Vietnam does not have any ExCP yet.

TESV has partnered with IECEx-Certs, a Norwegian ExCP. TESV is the unit authorized to organize the CoPC examination in Vietnam, after which the examination will be sent to IECEx-Certs for scoring, evaluation, and issue the international CoPC certification. It is possible to say that TESV is the only entity in Vietnam authorized to conduct the CoPC examination.

To learn more about IECEx courses and get free consultation, please contact us:

TESV - ATEX & IECEx Production

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