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Ex awareness training
Course Information

Course name: Ex awareness training

Course manual: Yes

Certificate: Yes

Type: Classroom | E-learning

Course duration: 7 hours

Language:        or   

Price: (Excluding VAT)

Classroom: 6.000.000 VND 


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Ex awareness

Ex general training, or

IECEx CoPC Ex 000


The course will provide minimum basic Ex knowledge for personnels to safely enter a hazardous area:

  • Basic understanding of fire and explosion theory, the nature of hazardous area.

  • Limitations on devices those may be taken into a hazardous area.

  • The occupational health & safety responsibilities and procedures related to entering hazardous areas.

Target group
  • Non-electrical personnels who will need to enter hazardous areas or carry out work in such areas.

  • Safety officer, executive personnel (non-electricians) and administrative personnel (non-executive).

  • Personnel in process operators, other operating personnels and other personnels who have works that may affect the safety of electrical installations. The course is also for personnel who work with non-electrical equipment, but which contains possible sources of ignition.

  • Managers in the petroleum industry, maintenance managers and others who can implement measures that can affect safety in Ex facilities. The course is also for relevant contractors or buyers, sellers.

Subjects covered by the course
  • Explosion and its consequences; 

  • Explosion theory and sources of ignition;

  • Risks associated with hazardous areas where there is gas or dust in suspension; 

  • Preventing accidents and dangerous incidents;

  • Working methods in hazardous area;

  • Select and use correct tools including portable electrical equipment;

  • Safety measures to minimize risks of explosion;

  • Examples of works which might create risks relevant to explosion safety.

  • Final exam

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