2 simple steps to choose an Ex training course that suits you best

Updated: Mar 25

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What is Ex training?

Ex = Explosive atmospheres

Ex training is the training for the personnel working in or related to explosive atmospheres (dust, gas or mine) so that they are able to carry out work associated with Ex equipment without creating the possible ignition sources that ignite explosions in hazardous areas.

Why is Ex training important?

Ex training is a mandatory requirement according to the IEC International Standards. As people are the weakest link in most safety chains and there is no exception in hazardous areas, the regulation is aimed to prevent potential accidents which will not only destroy property but also cost human lives and cause severe injuries. Thus, that will help to make the world a safer place for everyone.

How to choose the right Ex training course for yourself or your team?

TESV has provided several options of Ex training and we understand picking the right course for yourself or your team can be rather confusing. Our advice for you to get started is that you can base on 2 steps to find out the answer.

  • Step 1: Understand available courses and their objectives

  • Step 2: Be clear about the goals and the outcome do you want to achieve to decide which course is suitable for you

What courses of Ex training are provided by TESV?

Depend on the course purpose, the difficulty of the final test and the course certificate, the Ex programs are classified into 3 main groups in TESV as following:

Ex Training:

The purpose of the program is to provide the participants with the Ex knowledge according to the IEC International standards so that they can understand and apply it while actually working with Ex equipment.

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>> Ex Inspection & Maintenance training

Therefore, the final test is just to check if the participants understand the knowledge of 3 training days and it is not difficult. When passing the final test, the participants will get the certificate issued by Trainor and the certificate will be uploaded on the Trainor’s website.

*Trainor is a leading training provider of Ex training in Northern Europe. Trainor’s head office is in Norway. The relationship between Trainor and TESV has a long story when TESV has been separated from a Trainor’s branch company to an independent identity since August of 2020.

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IECEx CoPC Certification:

IECEx CoPC = The IECEx Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence

The IECEx scheme for certification of personnel competence provides independent verification that a person holding an IECEx CoPC has the ability to apply his/ her skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience to work safely in accordance with relevant international standards on explosive atmospheres.

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The purpose of this program is testing not training. Therefore, the exam test of IECEx CoPC is quite difficult and challenging for the candidates. When passing the exam test, the candidates will get the certificate issued by IECEx and the certificate will be uploaded on the IECEx’s website.

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Preparatory course:

The course is to help the participants to refresh the Ex knowledge which they already obtained so that they will have more possibilities to pass the official exam. The purpose of this program is refreshment, not training. Therefore, there is no certificate after completing the course and the final test is somehow a trial test for the participants to get used to the test format of IECEx CoPC.

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* If the participants haven’t got any proper Ex training, we highly recommend you to take the Ex training before registering for the preparatory courses.

Which Ex course is suitable for you or your team?

The second step that you could consider to pick up the right Ex course is thinking clearly what your own goals or the company goals are in general and what you hope to achieve as a result of undertaking the course. Also, you should make an honest assessment of the Ex level and Ex training history of yourself or your team.

This will help you find the suitable course for your needs, and prevent you or your company from wasting the time and money on the course that is either too advanced to follow or too basic to benefit from.

We would like to recommend some Ex training courses that fit the different Ex level as bellows:

  • Which course if you haven’t got any Ex training before?

The Ex General course is highly recommended if you haven’t undertaken any proper Ex training before. You will have a firm basis of Ex knowledge after this course. After that, you could continue to take other advanced courses easily.

  • Which course if you already had the Ex training before?

While most of Ex training takers are working at the factory, you might need to carry out the work related to the inspection and maintenance of the facility. Therefore, the Ex inspection & maintenance course is a good choice for you if you already had the proper Ex training before. This advanced course will help you to understand the requirements of inspection and maintenance tasks in detail or know how to fix the common faults of Ex equipment without damaging the safety level.

Besides that, you also have another option to take IECEx CoPC to prove the international level of Ex competency. Because IECEx CoPC is not a training program but a certification scheme, you might need to consider if it is necessary for you to take a preparatory course before doing the exam. If you are confident with your Ex skills and levels, preparatory training is not a mandatory requirement.

We will give you some advice to choose the suitable units of IECEx CoPC in a separate post.

It’s really important to find the right Ex course for you or your team. Starting a course that doesn’t suit you can quickly put you off learning and knock your confidence and also waste the time and money. We hope that our sharing will help you to determine the Ex training course that suits you best.

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2 Bước Giúp Bạn Lựa Chọn Khóa Đào Tạo Ex Training Phù Hợp Nhất

Ex training là gì?

Ex = Explosive atmospheres

Ex Training là đào tạo cho nhân viên làm việc trong hoặc liên quan đến môi trường dễ cháy nổ (bụi, khí hoặc hầm mỏ) để họ có thể thực hiện công việc liên quan đến thiết bị phòng nổ Ex mà không tạo ra các nguồn đánh lửa có thể gây nổ trong các môi trường nguy hiểm đó.

Tại sao Ex training lại quan trọng?

Ex training là yêu cầu bắt buộc theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế IEC. Vì con người là mắt xích yếu nhất trong hầu hết các chuỗi an toàn, đặc biệt là trong các môi trường tiềm ẩn nhiều nguy cơ cháy nổ, quy định trên nhằm ngăn ngừa các tai nạn có thể xảy ra sẽ. Những tai nạn này không chỉ hủy hoại tài sản mà còn gây thiệt hại về tính mạng con người và gây thương tích nặng nề. Do vậy Ex training nhằm đảm bảo an toàn cho tất cả mọi người.

Làm sao để lựa chọn khóa đào tạo Ex training phù hợp?

TESV có cung cấp một số khóa đào tạo về Ex training và chúng tôi hiểu rằng việc chọn khóa học phù hợp có thể khiến bạn hơi băn khoăn. Chúng tôi khuyên bạn áp dụng qua hai bước để có thể đưa ra lựa chọn đúng đắn nhất.

  • Bước 1: Tìm hiểu các khóa học hiện có và mục tiêu của các khóa học

  • Bước 2: Căn cứ vào nhu cầu và mục đích bạn muốn đạt được để quyết định khóa học phù hợp

TESV cung cấp những khóa đào tạo Ex training nào?

Tùy thuộc vào mục đích của khóa học, độ khó của bài kiểm tra cuối khóa và chứng chỉ cấp cho khóa học, các chương trình liên quan đến an toàn phòng nổ Ex của TESV được phân loại thành 3 nhóm chính như sau:

Đào tạo an toàn phòng nổ Ex: