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Ex maintenance & inspection 


Course Information

Course name: Ex inspection & maintenance

Course manual: Yes

Certificate: Yes

Type: Classroom/ Online

Course duration: 3 days

Price: 25.000.000 VND (Excluding VAT)​



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Learning Path



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Ex Inspection & Maintenance


This is a supplementary course for those doing maintenance work on Ex installations. The course contains both theory and practical exercises. It includes an introduction to what the authorities permit the user or owner of an electrical system to carry out themselves and what must be conducted by a qualified workshop. Having completed the course, participants will have the necessary knowledge to conduct maintenance work in a safe and professional manner.

Target group
  • Electricians and automation technicians. Participants must have an evidence of Ex basic training.


Subjects covered in the course
  • Preventive Maintenance for Ex equipment

  • Corrective Maintenance Ex equipment

  • Operation and Maintenance

  • Choice of equipment and risk acceptance.

  • Corrective Maintenance,

  • How to predict the life of the equipment. History and data collection.

  • Case study and Quizzes.

  • Ex inspection practice

  • Ex-register

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