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TESV - ATEX & IECEx Production makes Ex training enjoyable, effective and rewarding. Our unique approach encourages continuous learning with a clear path to improve your Ex skills:

       Ex General | Ex Inspection & Maintenance | Higher Ex units

       Tests and Certification

       Training at our classrooms | client's workspace | online

What if you are able to learn about Ex to work in hazardous areas?

       Avoid situations that could endanger yourself or others

       Carry out your work in a professional way

       Enhance your Ex career


Ex General Certificate

For those who are new in Ex or for the experienced personnel who haven’t got suitable Ex training yet.

Ex grunnmodul_01.jpg

Ex inspection & maintenance certificate

For electricians and automation technicians who got the Ex basic training.


IECEx CoPC Certificate

For the experienced personnel who seek to achieve the international certificate.


Ex Awareness Certificate

The safety obligations and minimum basic knowledge of persons entering a site that has classified hazardous areas.


Ex Installation & Testing Certificate


Participant must have an evidence of Ex General / Basic training. 


Ex Design Certificate

The explosion-protection aspects of designing electrical power, control and instrumentation systems and installations.


Customized Course Certificate


As per client's specific requirement


Area Classification Course


Knowledge and skills to classify areas where explosive materials may exist.


Ex Repair Certificate

The explosion-protection aspects of overhauling and repairing explosion-protected equipment.

Free Documents:

ATEX and IECEx wallchart_EN.pdf


ATEX and IECEx wallchart_VN.pdf

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