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Safe behavior in hazardous areas

New e-learning course in cooperation with Trainor Norway.

Learn how to work safely in Ex areas. The authorities require documented training in explosion prevention for all who enter Ex areas.

Course information

Course name: Safe behavior in hazardous areas

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: English and Vietnamese


The course provides in-depth knowledge of hazardous areas and the risks associated with working in such areas.

Target group:

Non-electrical professionals who will need to enter hazardous areas or carry out work in such areas.


Course subjects:

●   The risk of fire and explosion 
●   Risks associated with hazardous areas where there is gas or dust in suspension 
●   Sources of ignition
●   Risks and consequences 
●   Preventing accidents and dangerous incidents
●   Working methods
●   Using the correct tools
●   Safety measures
●   Examples of accidents and incidents


The EU Directive 1992/99/EC (also known as the ATEX Workplace Directive) is about health and safety requirements for workers in explosive atmospheres. It requires that the employer develop and maintain an explosion prevention document. This document must include risk assessment, a zone chart, and documentation that all workers who will need to enter hazardous areas have received adequate and suitable training in explosion prevention. In all EU and EEA countries, this must be incorporated in national legislation.

In Norway this is implemented through the:
"Regulations regarding Health and Safety in Hazardous Areas" often referred to as "FHOSEX".

Legislation pertaining to petroleum activities similarly includes competence requirements: 
§ 9-7 Qualifications. 

The licensee and others involved in petroleum activities are required to have the necessary qualifications to be able to conduct the work in a satisfactory manner. Adequate training must be provided.


Trainor App
Trainor has developed an app, you can complete e-Learning courses on your mobile device or tablet - online and offline.

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System requirements

This course can be run on a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you are on a handheld device, we recommend that you are on a wireless broadband network. 

Recommended bandwith is 1.5 Mbps. If you experience problems during the course we recommend using the web browser Google Chrome.

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